How it Works is the perfect way to fundraise for your club. It will spark great interest for all its participants, and will keep members interested in all the major sporting events that take place throughout the entire season. Each club runs its own individual league for its signed up members.

The league is based on a set of predictions for a defined number of sporting events that take place throughout the year. Each signed up member will submit a set of predictions either online or by manually filling out an answer sheet (prediction sheets can be downloaded and printed by a club co-ordinator once your club has signed up) and their standing on the leaderboard will be updated after every event takes place.

Clubs will be given the option to choose their own prize structure and the top performing members with the most points accumulated in their respective league will win cash prizes.

Club Registration

Each club should appoint a co-ordinator to oversee the fundraising. The co-ordinator will need to register the club. This can be done online here. Once registered, we will send him or her an email with log-in details and your club account will be validated.

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Member Registration

Once a club has registered, members wanting to join a club league can submit their answers either online or by manually filling out an answer sheet and returning it to the club co-ordinator.

Entrants who provide a valid email address will be kept up to date as events conclude and as leaderboards are updated and they can even login to change their answers right up to the deadline date of March 8th if they so wish.

The club co-ordinator needs to validate each player's submission before this same date and can only do so once payment is received in full. The cost of entry is €10 , €15 or €20 depending on which option your club picks. This is payable to the club's co-ordinator or nominated sellers.

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Track your progress

Track your progress online and see how you are doing against your friends on your own unique club leaderboard.

You’ll also be able to monitor how you’re performing on a national level by checking out our Overall Player Leaderboard and you can even compare your score to some of Ireland’s most famous sports stars by checking out our Celebrity Leaderboard. After each event has taken place we will email you and let you know if you have been successful in your prediction.